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IRS Installment Payment Plans

If you or your business owes back taxes that you cannot afford to pay off in its entirety, our CPA Firm will negotiate with the IRS and install a tax payment plan you can afford.  Paying your back taxes with an affordable monthly payment will keep the IRS from taking other more serious collection actions such as wage garnishment, filing a Federal Tax Lien, or issuing an IRS Levy

We can work with the IRS on your behalf to agree to an Installment Payment Plan Agreement or even a Partial Payment Plan Installment Agreement that will stop the IRS from implementing more aggressive collection tactics without having to pay the entire tax debt in full.   In addition, if your financial situation qualifies, we will work with the IRS to place your case under their "uncollectible" or "currently not collectible" status.  If successful in placing you under this program, the IRS will stop all collection efforts until your financial situation improves. 

Our CPA Firm never advises any taxpayer to deal with the IRS themselves.   Every year, thousands of taxpayers enter into monthly installment plans with the IRS on their own that proves to be out of reach and unaffordable, causing the taxpayer to default under the terms of their IRS agreement.  Defaulting under your IRS payment plan forces the IRS to use alternative collection methods, including garnishing your salary, levying your bank account and filing an IRS lien on all your property, including your house.

Our goal at Gonzalez & Company, CPA, PA is to resolve your tax problems and get you back on track with your life.

We can help you with any IRS Tax Problems, including:

·         IRS Audit Representation

·         Unfiled Tax Returns

·         Unpaid Taxes

·         Payroll Tax Problems

·         IRS Liens

·         IRS Levies

·         IRS Wage Garnishment

·         IRS Seizures

·         IRS Offer in Compromise

·         IRS Installment Payment Plans

·         Innocent Spouse Relief

·         Obtaining your IRS File

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