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IRS Federal Tax Liens - Release

Federal Tax Liens can really make your life miserable!  The IRS files a notice of federal tax lien after they have sent you a demand for payment of back taxes and you have failed to respond or pay in a timely manner.  When your taxes are not paid the IRS establishes a lien against all of your assets (especially real estate). This gives the IRS the legal right to collect taxes from the sale of your assets, which includes just about everything you own.   

The lien can be against you, your spouse, or your company. A lien against your company would seize your accounts receivables. At this point everything you own is just one short step away from becoming the property of the United States Government.

Liens filed against you by the IRS also show up on your credit report and often prevent you from opening a checking account or borrowing against any assets, like your home. The banks don't want the extra work when the IRS comes in to take your money.

With a Federal Tax lien on your record you can't get a reasonable loan to purchase a car. Think about paying 18-22% interest on a car that is already too expensive. You definitely cannot buy or sell any Real Estate. The list is endless.

In essence, an IRS Federal Tax Lien serves as a public notice and is recorded in the public records of the county you reside.  The IRS Federal Tax Lien is recorded through your county's Clerk of Courts and states that the IRS has a claim to all your property, including any property you may acquire after the notice is filed and recorded.   An IRS lien paralyzes you financially and causes lenders, business partners and even potential employers to turn their backs on you! 

When an IRS tax lien is filed, it attaches to all your property and becomes a superior lien compared to other lien holders.  The IRS now owns first lien priority rights on all your property and its stated value.  If you own a home, you will not be able to sell, refinance or even purchase a new house or property until the IRS lien is eliminated. 

Here at Gonzalez & Company, CPA, PA, we are very effective at suspending, removing or subordinating IRS Tax Liens so that you can move on with your life.       

We can help you with any IRS Tax Debt Relief, including:

·         IRS Audit Representation

·         Unfiled Tax Returns

·         Unpaid Taxes

·         Payroll Tax Problems

·         IRS Liens

·         IRS Levies

·         IRS Wage Garnishment

·         IRS Seizures

·         IRS Offer in Compromise

·         IRS Installment Payment Plans

·         Innocent Spouse Relief

·         Obtaining your IRS File

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